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There are countless interesting facts that make Albany, NY as unique a city as any other in the United States. For instance, it is the original home of perforated toilet paper and the first plastic compound used for billiard balls. On top of that, the classic American tune “Yankee Doodle” was penned there, and the 800 pound weathervane on top of the SUNY building is the largest working of its kind in North America. And, of course, Albany is the capital of New York, and four presidents served time there while they were governors of the state.

But like every other city, residents of Albany will want to watch local news stations to keep up with all of the events going on in their city. By flipping to Channel 13 News Albany NY residents will be able to get updates about all of the stories that interest them th


The Leader in Local Albany News

Channel 13 albany

Depending on how you spin it, television news is either losing its audience to internet news media, or continues to thrive in spite of the popularity of digital news. Recent polls conducted by the Pew Research Center and Gallup Inc. yielded similar results, yet Pew presented the information as if television news was in imminent danger of extinction, while Gallup depicted television news as a stalwart medium that will never die.

Given the pervasiveness of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it is not surprising that 21 percent of American adults get their news over the internet. Actually, some might be surprised that only 21 percent of respondents prefer web news, while 55 percent remain loyal to television news. Regardless of what happens to traditional television news programming, you can bet that local s


Albany’s Source for Breaking News

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Despite the fact that about 75 percent of American homes are wired for the internet, and over 50 percent of Americans own smartphones or other mobile devices, over half of the U.S. population still prefers television news. While online news has surpassed newsprint in terms of popularity, television has proven a resilient medium with which Americans are reluctant to surrender.

It is interesting that half of the American population still prefer local news station, like Channel 13 News Albany NY, even though most of them have instant access to news from around the world 24 hours per day. What is it about News Channel 13 Albany NY, and other top local television stations, that makes them so reluctant to turn off the tube? Well, the answer is pretty simple. While the internet is an excellent resource for


News Channel 13 Albany, the Only Place You Need for News

Channel 13 albany

News Channel 13 Albany NY. Tune your television there and just leave it. It is all you will ever need. Forget the big time corporate news cable stations. They will just lead you down the news path of stories and opinions they want you to hear. Those stations will provide filtered, opinionated news that is at worst blatantly dishonest, at best horribly skewed to their side. No sir, Channel 13 News Albany NY is where it is at for the best in up to date, local and national news.

Their local coverage is outstanding. The folks at Channel 13, whether it is the writers or the reporters, are all clearly dedicated to delivering the latest news to their viewers. They make sure that local stories are featured in their broadcasts, ensuring that fair time is given to all stories. The need for up to date, local ne


Watch Channel 13 Albany

Channel 13 albany

Channel 13 Albany NY is one of the best news channels to turn on your television today to listen to and see the news. Albany channel 13 is a reliable news channel for all the news you are interested in. So many people start their day watching the news on TV or listening to the news on the radio. People are even turning on their computers and getting online to watch the news channel 13 Albany. The website for news channel 13 Albany NY can be found online.

Watching the news is something most Americans do when they get home from work too. The news comes on right at dinner time. You can find out all the happenings that have been going on in your neighborhood that day when you watch channel 13 Albany. Then watch your nightly programs and top off the night by tuning into the late news on channel 13 Albany before going to bed.

The world news is always good to watch to see what is going on in other countries around the world. Of course, most people keep up with the weather by watching the weather report before they start their day too. That way they know what to expect weather wise, and how to plan for their day. This is really important for those days when you are planning on doing some kind of outdoor activity or going to some kind of social event outside.

Whenever a live news story breaks, turn on your channel 13 Albany. The newscasters will keep you fully informed on what is going on. The latest all day coverage for some news worthy event is the best way to keep up with what is going on in your world today. Whenever you happen to miss live coverage on some news event you can always turn to the internet for information. It is easy to find the website for channel 13 Albany. Once you go to the site you can take your time, watch the videos and read the news stories. Some people even prefer using the internet for their main news source these days too.


Find a Great News Source to Keep Up with All the Stories Important to You

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Many individuals will want to make sure that they keep up with all of the developments and stories in their community in order to stay in touch and be an active member. However, especially in bigger cities where there is a lot going on, doing so is not always easy. But by regularly following Channel 13 news Albany residents will be able to do so. By consistently tuning in to Albany Channel 13, individuals can receive real time updates about all of the stories that matter to them and the community. As a result, by using Channel 13 news Albany residents will be able to stay informed and knowledgeable about all of the events happening in their community.

By following News Channel 13 Albany NY residents will be able to learn about all of the upcoming events in their area so that they can fill their weekends with fun things to do. While many will prefer to spend their time away from work or school lounging on the couch and napping, others might want to use Channel 13 news Albany to learn all of the details about festivals, concerts, and other events that are coming up. That makes Channel 13 news Albany a great resource for anybody looking to stay an active community member.

One of the best ways for individuals to stay current is following the local sports team. Channel 13 news Albany provides in depth coverage of all of the local teams, so it is easy for fans to keep up with their favorite teams and athletes. Whether someone wants to make sure they know all of the successes of local high school teams or has always been a fan of a nearby pro team, Channel 13 news Albany provides the coverage and analysis they need to stay in touch with their community.

Though some will have the time in their day to watch Channel 13 news Albany either in the morning or at night after work, many have busy schedules that make it hard to tune in to their favorite news programs at the same time every day. Fortunately, Channel 13 news Albany has a great website that is loaded with stories and information. The website allows individuals to access the news and stories that they are interested in right from their desk. Plus, their mobile app allows users to catch up with all of the latest developments by using their smartphone or tablet while on the go.


The Messages from the Empire State

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When it comes to Channel 13 Albany NY can be a ripe area for a story. There is not much doubt that Albany has some serious problems with being dysfunctional. For Channel 13 news Albany NY has a lot of stories all of the time for a number of reasons, not the least of which because Albany has a reputation for being a relatively corrupt place.

When people look for the news Channel 13 Albany NY reports can reveal a lot of the details that people like to know about. Of course, there is more news than this that people can learn from Channel 13 Albany NY reports. People can also learn about the weather, for instance. But this is not what most people in the area are interested in.

Much of the news from Albany is dominated by news from the city. But when it comes to Channel 13 Albany NY has its own stories to tell. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to use these channels in the future. Getting the news from Albany is something that all New Yorkers should be interested in.

And this is not just a reference to people from the city. All New Yorkers includes everyone from the Empire State from the waterfront of New York City to Niagara Falls. Of course, when it comes to Channel 13 Albany NY can provide a lot of people with a lot of information that will help them understand their state better, whether or not it includes the details that they might not want to hear.

It is for this reason that local news channels still make a difference. Albany might not be the state’s largest city, but it is still one of the state’s capital.


Local News Stations Want To Keep Smiles On Local Faces

Channel 13 albany

When television viewers are looking for news, news Channel 13 Albany NY is a reliable option. As NBCs Albany affiliate, Channel 13 Albany is currently serving a large part of the Albany population that has viewing households. When viewing Channel 13 news Albany NY residents will be getting the latest traffic, weather, news and sports updates on a daily basis that is geared toward both national and local news.

During the week Channel 13 Albany gets the most updated weather related news. If there is a bad snowstorm, which there often is, Channel 13 Albany NY will have school closings listed as fast as they decide whether they are closed or not.

When watching the news while living in Albany Channel 13 has current updates on television and they are constantly updating their website. Going to the Channel 13 Albany website is a really fast way to get local and extremely current news.

When they are watching Channel 13 Albany residents can experience valuable information brought to them by personable news anchors. Many people find it important to keep up with their local news, which is why local news stations are so popular. People want to stay informed. When Channel 13 Albany comes on in Albany family homes, people are happy because they know they are getting up to date news issues with as much accuracy as possible. Albany citizens would not question their news station because they are reliable and safe.

By watching the local news, Albany residents can stay updated on local sports events in addition to weather events. Hearing about the New York Giants or any of the college teams in the area can make a lot of local citizens want to watch the local news. A lot of local news stations are also including more fun news to lighten the mood during the news report. A lot of viewers can appreciate this, although there is a number of people who believe this information shared on local news is sometimes irrelevant.


Advantages and Disadvantages of News Channel 13 Online

Channel 13 albany ny

News channel 13 Albany NY began broadcasting in 1954. After several decades of issues with modernizing their broadcasting system, after a change of hands Albany Channel 13 caught up to speed and even won an Emmy award for their excellence in News broadcasting, one of the first channels in the state to do so. In 1991 they came up with the slogan Live, Local, Late Breaking, which has since spread to news stations around the country.

The news channel 13 Albany NY website is one of the more professional news websites available. The front page is well organized and features an attractive dark red background that is more in keeping with current web trends than older looking news websites that only use white backgrounds. At the very top, under the Coverage You Can Trust logo, are tabs for home, news, weather, your money, sports, only on 13, things to do, the savings spot, and programming and info. I think it is really nice to have quick tabs on things to do and savings, since on many sites you either have to click around a bit to find those or they are not really featured much at all. I wish, though, that there was a tag specifically where I know I could find local news on channel 13 news Albany.

It is always important for online news stations to feature the weather in an easy to find location, and on news channel 13 Albany NY it is in the top right corner. The only issue I have with this is that it blends in with the site a bit, I do not think it is necessary for the weather to have red backgrounds. However, after visiting the site once you will not forget where the weather is, so it is only a few seconds of confusion for some new visitors.

I appreciate that there is quick stock and market information available lower on the page, though in comparison to other news websites news channel 13 Albany NY lacks a quick and prominent link to their live television news program. This could be a disadvantage to people who do not have access to a television but would like to watch the news live, rather than in separate clips.


Channel 13 Albany NY

Channel 13 albany ny

If you live in the Albany area and need current, daily news, you can use Channel 13 News Albany NY. National news sources are important, but when you live somewhere, you have to keep up with what is happening locally, too, to ensure that you are up to date with important changes and events that effect your life. Channel 13 Albany NY keeps track of developments in the city and the surrounding area to help local people with this.

News Channel 13 Albany NY offers the normal services that you would rightly expect from a local news station, covering weather, sports, politics, and other important local developments in the capitol area. Routinely watching the daily news is a great way to keep on top of important sports developments that you care about without spending extra time on the internet, especially at work where your boss might not appreciate your sports enthusiasm. Keeping on top of the region’s weather can help you prepare for storms or plan fun outdoor activities on sunny days and avoid getting caught in the rain. Traveling to the Adirondacks over the weekend is fun, but only if your plans do not get rained on. In the winter, knowing when snow is coming is essential to snagging the best ski days of the season. Channel 13 Albany NY can help you keep track of changes in the weather to make your life more easy and enjoyable.

Everyone needs to follow the national news, but not at the expense of what is happening locally. Do not be surprised the next time road or infrastructural work is being done in your neighborhood and causes complications for you and your neighbors; be the good neighbor that warns them about it. Tune into Channel 13 Albany NY for local news and stay ahead of the curve.